Cooperation with the department of drug technology and Almazar medical college is continuing
10.10.2019, 16:58

The Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute is cooperating with the Olmazor Medical College. 09.10.2019 year associate professor of the department Technology of  drug forms N.M.Rizayeva led the...

A joint cycle was organized at the Institute of Plant Chemistry for Students of Group 308A of the Faculty of Industrial Pharmacy
10.10.2019, 15:57

On October 3, 2019, under the leadership of a senior researcher at the Institute of Plant Chemistry, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Sh.N. Madrahimov and an assistant at the Department of...

Students of direction  metrology of standardization and quality management accepted to membership to the pharmaceutical association of the republic of uzbekistan.
10.10.2019, 15:35

The teachers of the Department of Standardization and Quality Management, as a result of the recommendation the 1st year students in the direction of Metrology, standardization and quality...

(Uzbek) Dori vositalarini standartlashtirish va sifat menejmenti kafedrasi va I.M.Sechenov nomidagi MDMU farmatsevtik va toksikologik ximiya kafedrasi xodimlarining o’zaro kafedrada tashkillashtirilgan master-klass darslari
10.10.2019, 11:52

Organized lessons master classes of employees of the Department of Standardization and Quality Management of Medicines and the Department of Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Chemistry named...

Ad! We invite you to open lesson
10.10.2019, 11:15

Faculty of Industrial Pharmacy, 2 nd course 202-A, group B on October 11, 2019 at 10:00 AM Assistant of the Department of “Physics, Mathematics and IT” MRRasulayeva on the theme...