(Uzbek) Toshkent farmatsevtika instituti “Kecha va bugun”
17.09.2019, 16:56

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Announcement! N .S. Аbdukhalilova on the topic “Technology of solid cosmetic preparations. Evaluating the quality of cosmetic preparations”.
17.09.2019, 16:18

19.09.2019 at 15.00 hours in 99 room for 5th year students of the 506 A group on the subject “Technology of medicinal forms” an open laboratory exercise  will be held by an assistant  of  the D...

Announcement! N .M. Rizaeva on the topic “Emulsion as a medicinal form. The concept of emulsifiers. HLB indicator. Factors affecting the stability of emulsions”.
17.09.2019, 15:51

18.09.2019 at 10.00 o’clock in 158 lecture hall for 3th year students of the 301 a, 301 b and 302 a groups (1 stream) on the subject “Technology of dosage forms” an open lecture will be held by...

“Meeting with a young specialist”
17.09.2019, 15:42

On September 16, 2019, the meeting was held with a technology consultant from “Farmformat” Ahrorhoja Bahodirhojaevich by the initiative of the Languages ​​Chair at the Tashkent Pha...