Associate Professor of the medical Academy of South Kazakhstan Asilbekova Akmaral Jienbekovna organized a master class at the Department of Pharmaceutical chemistry on the topic : «Active teaching methods in pharmacy»
06.06.2019, 15:52

The Republic of Uzbekistan has a special responsibility for the moral character, mental capacity and professionalism of the teaching staff. Teachers working in educational institutions should...

Assistant of the Department of pharmaceutical chemistry K.Sh.Mukhitdinova held an open laboratory lesson on the theme “Analysis of pharmaceutical substances belonging to the group of isoalloxazine”
06.06.2019, 15:37

The introduction into practice of the ideas of the law “On education” and “National training program” depends on the successful reform carried out in the education...

Students of the 1st Republican medical College visited the Department of “Pharmaceutical chemistry” of the Institute.
06.06.2019, 15:24

The main purpose of education, organized today in the Republic of Uzbekistan, is the education of a harmoniously developed person. The content of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan...

Open lesson on the topic “Definition, classification, description of extracts. Technology of their preparation”
06.06.2019, 15:16

May 16, 2019 at 08:30 am Assistant of the Department “Industrial pharmaceutical technology of drugs” Zuparova Z.A. conduct an open lesson on the topic “Definition, classification, d...