At the Department of Industrial Technology of Drugs, students of the Faculty of Industrial Pharmacy conducted a pre-graduation internship
30.05.2019, 12:27

Under the guidance of an assistant of the department of industrial technology of Drugs, Doctor of Philosophy N.B. Ilkhamova, practical training was conducted for 4th year students of the group...

Students from the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy arrived
30.05.2019, 10:56

On May 27, 2019, students from the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy arrived at the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute with the head of A.D.Asilbekova for practical training on the subject...

At the sight of the living conditions of students F.J.Fozilov, A.S.Odilov and F.Nazarmatov living in 37th  room of student’s dormitory, mood falls.
30.05.2019, 10:22

Our people attach great importance to such issues as cleanliness and order, proper nutrition. Cleanliness is the key to human health.  They say that prosperity begins with the soul. In fact,...

Senior staff of the Institute had a conversation with the 1st year students of the faculty of industrial pharmacy.
30.05.2019, 10:08

  In order to ensure the fulfillment of the tasks defined in the program of measures for the implementation of the state youth policy in the Tashkent pharmaceutical Institute for 2019, on May...