The teaching staff of the Department of Organic and Biological Chemistry organized the “Day of the Department” in the institute dormitory
25.05.2019, 15:40

In order to fulfill the order of the Rector of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute No. 707 dated September 18, 2018, “On holding the Day of the Department in the student dormitory of the T...

(Uzbek) Janubiy Qozog‘iston tibbiyot akademiyasining talabalari “Dori vositalarining sanoat texnologiyasi” kafedrasi rahbarligida “LAXISAM Pharmaceuticals ” MCHJ da amaliyot o‘tadilar
25.05.2019, 13:28

Students of the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy conducted a work experience at the manufacturing enterprise LLC “LAXISAM Pharmaceuticals” under the guidance of the of industrial technology of...