The year of 2017 in our republic is announced as “The year of dialog with nation and human’s interests”

09.12.2016, 11:19 Institute news, News 2218


On December 7, 2016 in the conference palace of Uzbekistan was organized the ceremonial event devoted to the 24th anniversary of the Constitution of the republic of Uzbekistan.

In this event participated people’s and public figures, representatives of science, art, culture and sport, embassies and international organizations.


The ceremony was opened by the khakim of Tashkent city R.Usmonov.

The state anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan was sounded.

The elected president of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.Mirziyoev made speech.

In particular,  Sh.Mirziyoev said: “During the years of independence  our nation  achieved high  development in the economy, the life-asserting strength  of our Constitution, thoroughly reasoned out rules and regulations, embodied in it have the overall strong base. Based on philanthropy reforms serve the rising of our people’s activity, guaranteeing the development and prosperity of the country, promote the recognition of our state on the world arena, and also the fruitful work   in upbringing harmoniously developed young generation”.

On the initiative of the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.А. Karimov the year of 2016 was announced as “The year of healthy mother and healthy child”.  In the basis of the State   program were implemented large-scale events on upbringing of young generation and   strengthening the health of mother and a child.

The events planned by this program embraced the whole territory of our country, i.е. government and non-government organizations, social infrastructure, industrial enterprises, business class, dealing with business for realization of such good works as upbringing healthy generation and it is reflected in the national movement of realization this idea to life.


Sh. Mirziyoev mentioned that on the initiative of the First President each year was named with particular name and it became a good tradition. In this sphere were developed state programs on carrying out complex events. Not changing traditions, in our country the coming year of 2017 was announced as “The year of dialog with nation and human’s interests”.

This suggestion was accepted with applause.

 In this ceremonial event was also presented the literary-musical program.