Works performed among pupils of the “House of Mercy” №33 of the Sergeli district

06.05.2017, 15:24 Institute news, News 3569



On May 6, 2017, a spiritual and educational event was organized for the children of the “House of Mercy” №33 of the Sergeli district, attached to the leadership of the institute. The event is dedicated to the national holiday 9th of May “Day of Memory and Honor” under the motto “Memory of ancestors is sacred!”

In order to create conditions for the students, to strengthen the material and technical base, the leadership of the Tashfarmi “House of Mercy” was provided with 2 chairs (benches), 150 names of medicines, 20 bags of cement, 10 bags of lime, gray paint and a 30 meter hose, with diameter 15 for school improvement (photo attached).



Employee of the spiritual and educational department

N.H. Ashurova